history-ph update: First Quarter 2015

The Young Filipino Historian, now under the URL http://history-ph.blogspot.com/had been revived after almost 17 months of inactivity and has now reached another milestone.

From January to March 2015 (First Quarter 2015), the blog had received more than 3,680 page views. This is almost 13% higher than the page views earned by the blog from October to December 2014 (Fourth Quarter 2014).

On December 15, 2014, the blog commemorated its second anniversary with the hashtag #TYFH2ndyear. The author is looking forward to a better year in 2015 for this emerging history blog.

Also, the official Facebook page of this history blog (you can like the page by clicking the like button at the sidebar) was launched last October 29. By March 30, the page had reached 210 likes. Log in to your Facebook now and like the page!

Other updates:
Sixth highest voted blog for March 2015 in Blogs ng Pinoy (BNP)
Third most popular blog for March 2015 in Pinoy Blogs
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Check out the most popular articles this March:

President Aguinaldo's Only Battle
After failing to take advantage of the strained supply lines of the Americans in the Filipino counterattack in Caloocan on February 22-24, Aguinaldo's Chief of War Operations Antonio Luna resigned his position. This forced Aguinaldo to assume direct command of the armies of the Philippine Republic. The only battle that Aguinaldo would lead as President of the Malolos Republic was the Battle of Marilao River, one of the most celebrated river crossings in our modern history.

Minorities during Martial Law (Final)
Also known as non-violent resistance or passive resistance, unarmed resistance is defined as opposition to a government by the use of noncooperation and other nonviolent methods, such as boycotts and protest marches. This series is dedicated to tackle unarmed resistance of minority groups during the Martial Law period, or the latter part of the Marcos administration (1972-1986). Also, the series was in response to a request of a few readers to have articles focusing on local and regional histories.

* Is the Christ historical? The historicity of Jesus (Alpha)
It has recently come to my attention that Jesus Christ, in one of the most famous social media sites in the world, is portrayed as a Fictional Character, as opposed to other religion founders who were labelled as Public Figures (like Siddhartha Gautama, the one called Buddha). What is aimed here is to trace, at least in the preliminary sense, the historicity of Jesus, the one called Christ.

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While I was before lambasted for considering website statistics as history, is statistics in itself not part of history? Also, is this not a blog that also has its own history? History, as the second oldest profession in the world, encompasses all that has happened in the past. Well, we did take note the time that Gangnam Style broke through 1 billion and 2 billion views, respectively, right? Let us make our minds open. Again, I thank you for understanding the purpose of documenting these website statistics.

This history blog had nine out of ten top entries in the search engine Google

This history blog had five out of ten top entries in the search engine Yahoo

This history blog had three out of ten top entries in the search engine Bing

I, the author, am very humbled for this warm welcome given to the restoration of this emerging history blog - The Young Filipino Historian. Also, I fervently believe that this is only the beginning the many more achievements to come for your rising history blog. Small success may this be to many, but take to mind that you are always to be entrusted with small things first.

Finally, may God provide you with many more blessings!
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