history-ph achieves first milestone

The Young Filipino Historian, now under the URL http://history-ph.blogspot.com/, had been revived after almost 17 months of inactivity and has now reached its first milestone.

From 2012 until September of 2014, there were only 1,088 page views for this site. As of the month of October alone, this site has received 340 page views already. To think there is still one week to go for the month of October! The October 2014 views alone already account to 23% of the site's total page views to date. I, the author, am very humbled for this warm welcome given to the restoration of your emerging history blog - The Young Filipino Historian. Also, I fervently believe that this is only the beginning the many more achievements to come for your rising history blog. Small success may this be to many, but take to mind that you are always to be entrusted with small things first.

Finally, may God provide you with many more blessings!

All time country origins of page views

While I was before lambasted for considering website statistics as history, is statistics in itself not part of history? Also, is this not a blog that also has its own history? History, as the second oldest profession in the world, encompasses all that has happened in the past. Well, we did take note the time that Gangnam Style broke 1 billion and 2 billion views, respectively, right? Let us make our minds open. Again, I thank you.

This history blog now ranks among the top entries in the search engine Google

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