TYFH update: National History Month 2016

The Young Filipino Historian: August 2016 update

This is the blog's update for August 2016, and the 23rd update article published. August is National History Month in the Philippines, and this history blog launched a vigorous campaign all month long for this commemoration. It is fervently hoped that the rationale of these updates be appreciated and understood by the audience. Small successes may these be to many, but let us consider that you are always to be entrusted with small things first.

Last month, the blog had received more than 1,890 page views. This is a 27% decrease in page views earned by the blog in comparison to July 2016. Average page views since October 2014 equal to 1,635 to date.

Also, the official Facebook page of this history blog (you can like the page by clicking the like button at the sidebar), which was launched October 29, 2014, had reached 680 likes last August 28. Log in to your Facebook now and like the page!

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Other updates:
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* Updates feature undiscovered articles to read in this blog.
* National History Month commemorated.


Popular articles this August:

Goodbye, Alibata? Quo vadis, Baybayin?
This brings us to the question of Baybayin's origin. Where did the script really originate? According to Teodoro Agoncillo, baybayin "was probably of Sanskrit or Arabic provenance." That is, there is no definite history of Baybayin, as evidenced by his use of a term signifying uncertainty.

Philippines in the Olympic Games
In this year's Olympics, the Philippines managed to (at least) repeat the success it had two decades ago with female weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz garnering a silver medal in the 53-kilogram division. She is also the first Filipina to win an Olympic medal. However, despite this success, her medal is only the third silver medal won by the Philippines up to this article's date of publication. Overall, the Philippines already won ten (10) medals in the Olympic Games.

Alternative Parties in the Philippines: Partido Komunista
The KAP convention on August 26, 1930 at the Templo del Trabajo (lit. Temple of Labor) formed the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP), or the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

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Undiscovered articles this August:

The Marcos administration according to Marcos
What this brief article offers is to balance what is unbalanced (or imbalanced, as the youth would say) by tackling the Marcos administration according to Marcos himself.

Oil Deregulation in the Philippines (Part 1)
Historically, the Philippine oil industry has been deregulated. There was a time when the country had four refining (Bataan Refining, Filoil, Caltex, Shell) and six marketing companies (Esso, Filoil, Caltex, Getty, Mobil, Shell). 

Alternative Parties in the Philippines: Labor Party
What were almost neglected in the mainstream political history of our country during this period were the political parties formed in opposition to the gargantuan Nacionalista, but failed to survive to see America grant independence to her only colony in Asia. With this in the fore, introducing these parties, their formation, their members, platforms, successes, failures and their eventual dissolutions are being aimed in this series.

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While I was before lambasted for considering website statistics as history, is statistics in itself not part of history? Also, is this not a blog that also has its own history? History, as the second oldest profession in the world, encompasses all that has happened in the past. Well, we did take note the time that Gangnam Style broke through 1 billion and 2 billion views, respectively, right? Let us make our minds open. Again, I thank you for understanding the purpose of documenting these website statistics.

Average ranking of this history blog in terms of relevant searches in the past month

I, the author, am very humbled for this warm welcome given to this emerging history blog - The Young Filipino Historian. Also, I fervently believe that this is only the beginning the many more achievements to come for your rising history blog.

You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.
(Matthew 25:21)

Finally, may God provide you with many more blessings!
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